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Polychromatic || AECP

Hello, I'm back today, sharing a few cards I made as homework for Nina-Marie Trapani's Altenew Academy class called Polychromatic.  To be honest, I didn't quite know what to expect from this class. First of all, I've never heard the word   polychromatic . I understand the roots:   poly,  meaning   many ;   chrom , meaning color ; and the suffix   -ic , which creates an adjective. But doesn't that pretty much mean   rainbow , as in  use all the colors?  Well, yes, but... The purpose behind this class is to help you use all the colors with confidence. In some cases, I met the target, but in others, I fell short. Stay tuned for those failures... Lesson 1: White with Pops of Color I was pretty excited about this lesson because the title alone suggests cards that will be unpretentiously clean and simple, and that's just my style.  For this card, I chose the Altenew Beach Towel Stripes stencil , which is one of my favorite stencils. The randomly-sized stripes create s