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With a Twist || AECP

Every once in a while, a card emerges from my craft room that makes me say, THIS is me. THIS is my style. It's silly, really, since I am in charge in my own crafty space. Why should I ever make a card that's not  my style? Indeed, that is the question.  Such ponderings... Today was one of those good crafty days. I've just completed Therese Calvird's Altenew Academy class called With a Twist, and I'm excited to share three of my homework cards that are just my style!  Lesson 1: Stamps With a Twist The general idea in this first lesson is to use stamps in a way other than their intended use. For example, when using layering stamps, you might not use all the layers to build a complete image. This can give your design a modern or abstract feel. Plus, it just gives you more ways to use your products!  In a perfect world, I would have used layering florals with an outline image, but in the real world, I do not even own such a thing. So, I improvised with  Altenew's It

In the Mood for Color || AECP

Let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? I abandoned my post. Literally. At least it looked that way. Today marks exactly ten months since my last blog post. Even though blogging had become somewhat of a habit, I simply could not keep it up and do real life.  So,  where have I been , you ask? One word: school . I blame all things on school and the fact that I must have a job. A job I love. But a job nonetheless.  Oh, the woes of the employed. Let's get into the cards.  A Return to AECP Now that summer is here again, I have resolved to continue with Level 2 in my Altenew Educator program. Today's cards are my homework from Stephanie Klauck's class, In the Mood for Color.  To be honest, I thought the concept for this class was a bit bogus. Choosing a color to communicate a feeling? Right. We all know rainbows are happy and black is for mourning. But all the colors in between can't really  make you feel a certain thing. Can they? I am here to say yes . Yes,